Ice Conditions Update!

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Just a couple weeks until we’re all neighbors again, so let’s get everyone up-to-date on the ice conditions leading up to the 40th Annual!
Forecasts call for a run of cold overnight lows over the next 2 weeks – including many landing below zero.

Of course safety is always our number one concern, so we continue to collaborate with the Cass County Sheriffs department in monitoring ice conditions on Leech Lake.

We’re currently pulling 17-21″ depth measurements throughout the festival area, our biggest concern is respecting the “pressure ridge” shown on the map below.

A few rules to help keep things safe around the pressure ridge as follows:

1. All encampments must be 50 ft or more away from each side of the ridge.
2. The ridge will be marked as best as it can, but please use caution as ice is never 100% safe
3. Whatever you do … Do not drive across the pressure ridge! (not only do you run the risk of breaking through ice – but you’re almost guaranteed vehicle damage)

Also, standard practice (assuming 18-24″ snow depth by festival week) is to keep ice houses/encampments 25ft apart from each other. We are working with local snow removal companies to help plow roads and encampment sites, but bring your tracks – there’s a ton of snow!

Keep an eye out for future updates (and think about where you want to set up basis the map) as we’ll likely have to navigate the ridges by allocating specific landings for different areas. As we continue to monitor (during these cold-ass days!) we will keep you all posted. If we feel that conditions require any vehicle restrictions, we will make an announcement a week prior to the festival – approximately February 14th.

Until then, get the trailers hitched, minnow buckets stacked, and coolers packed and pucker up … It’s almost EELPOUT WEEK!

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